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Protective coatings
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Environments are classified according to their grade of environmetal corrosivity. There are three types of environments:
Air:                         atmospheric corrosivity
Ground:                 buried corrosivity
Water:                    immersed corrosivity 

In the atmospheric environment we distinguish some corrosion category classes according NEN-ISO 12944-5:2018
The example systems on this page are drafted with the following pretreatments of the substrate:

Thorough removal of grease and dirt. Surface must be clean and dry. Blast clean to Sa 2½ according ISO 8501-1:2007.
Before using the Monopox (LG) Micro Zink the following pretreatment must be applied:
Blasting according to the ISO norm 8501-1:1988 Sa 2½. Roughness profile Ra 10-12 µm Rz 50-60 µm. Surface must be clean and dry.
Pretreatment of hot dip galvanised steel:
Blast with a fine, non-metallic blasting medium until a level roughened surface is obtained, or degrease the surface and then phosphatize or chromatize (according to the rules of the manufacturer). 

Category         Interior Exterior
Heated buildings with neutral atmospheres, e.g. offices, shops, schools, hotels.
Not suitable.
Unheated buildings where condensation can occur e.g. warehouses, sports halls.
Atmospheres with low pollution. Mostly rural areas.
Production rooms with high humidity and some air pollution, e.g. food processing plant, laundries, breweries, dairies.
Town and industrial atmosphere, moderate air pollution with sulphur dioxide, coastal regions where air has only low salt content.
Chemical installations, swimming baths, boathouses over seawater.
Industrial areas and coastal regions where atmosphere has only moderate salt content.
Buildings or indoor areas with almost permanent condensation and air heavily polluted.
Industrial areas with highly damp and aggressive atmosphere. Coastal and offshore areas where salt content of the atmosphere is high.
Category               Immersion environment                                                                                           Examples    
Im 1
Fresh water
River installations, hydroelectric plants.
Im 2
Brackish or sea water
Harbor areas with structures such as floodgates, dykes, breakwaters, offshore platforms.
Im 3
Buried tanks, pipes and girders
lm 4        
Brackish or sea water i.c.w. CD
(Harbor) Locks
Hot dip Galvanized Steel                                                                                              
C3 System    
C4 System 
C5 System    
Our example coating systems are based on the quality standard NEN-ISO 12944-5:2018. In many cases there are specific demands by a contracting party and/or applicator. Please contact our technical department for a tailor made advice. Support about atmospheric conditions is also a service we provide. The map located on the right shows the atmospheric categories in the Benelux. 

The systems mentioned on this page are examples. No rights can be derived. Always request a tailor made advice from our technical department.

  Versiondate:  2-7-2018