protective coatings

Protective coatings
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Protective coatings

Zandleven Coatings B.V.
paintmanufacturer since 1868 of Protective coatings
Production, R&D and sales from Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.
Zandleven is the brand known for the protection of steel!

Science and technology against corrosion:
Years of knowledge and experience combined with a modern laboratory and efficient procestechnlogy assures fast delivery and constant quality. Ordered, produced and delivered in the Benelux in 24-48 hours, including Polyurethanes; specialties in 3-5 days.

Advice and technical support:
Every project is one of a kind: location, environment, regulations, expected term of protection, maintenance, specific funcionalities and over 200 coatingspecialties are part of the actual selection.
Please contact our sales department if you need epoxies, alkyds, polysiloxanes, polyurethanes or other paint types.

Some of our different product names:
Acraton, Monopox, Zancor, Zandex, Acrylon, Zandguard, Aquisil, Thermaguard, Polyfinish, Zandinol, Monochlor,